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5 Levers of Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Richard Foster from the Yale School of Management has documented that the average lifespan of a Standard & Poor company has fallen from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today. And he speculates that 75% of today’s firms will be gone by 2027.

What is going to make you part of the 25% – innovation.

The greatest resource any company has is its people.  By unlocking new thinking and ideas, you can deliver new growth opportunities and transform cultures. But learning to flex your innovation and entrepreneurial muscles requires learning how.  Empowering people at the heart of your business to generate a pipeline of quality ideas and concepts that will create new revenue streams doesn’t necessarily come naturally to a lot of organizations, particularly now that the stakes are so high. 

Innovation impact can range significantly from “interpreneurs” creating internally new businesses and products to using innovative ideas to improve how meetings are run or how individuals collectively work more efficiently using new processes or technology. Organizations that empower their employees to leverage a new toolset to solve problems with a repeatable and scalable process are winning the race to create unique, more relevant solutions and gain competitive advantage. It is critical to give internal talent the ability to drive new growth in a repeatable scalable and sustainable way.

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