Venture Building:
Launching revolutionary brands

In record time, we support insurance providers evaluate, test, launch and scale market-ready growth ventures.

Co-creating breakthrough ventures with the world’s most influential companies

It took Uber six years to become our number one disruptive unicorn and on average it will take this long for other new disruptive market players to transform industries, win new segments and enter mature as well as emerging markets.

Today insurance businesses need to recognize and take advantage of the unprecedented digital and biotechnological changes and innovation breakthroughs that impact market economies across the world by building their own insurance unicorn brands of the future.

“To avoid economic value losses and stay relevant and vibrant, large companies need to become focused on innovation across everything they do and pursue new approaches to corporate innovation taking on board best practices from the world’s innovation leaders.”
Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis

We work in the white space where companies do not yet exist.

At the beginning of defining a venture, we explore our corporate partner’s value chain to find a way to leverage existing assets before scanning adjacent markets and sectors, to identify new sources of value creation that can yield unfair market advantages.

Shaping future-proofed ventures

Our venture team uses rigorous design thinking to build new digital businesses with our corporate partners. Our revolutionary model allows us to combine the reputational strength, magnitude and deep domain knowledge of corporates with the nimble and entrepreneurial execution of startups. By fusing the two worlds, we rapidly move ideas from concepts to fully fledged businesses.  We are able to launch market-ready growth ventures.


Deploy a team of experts to determine gaps in the marketplace through extremely targeted market research and the use of lean startup methodologies to help identify unique ideas, opportunities for growth, disruptive innovations and business models.


Make a qualified go/no-go decision by assessing the feasibility of concepts and the investment required to move each idea to the next stage of development. Experienced venture builders are engaged to prototype each idea, iterate releases, build and scale selected ventures and review for truly disruptive innovation.


Design and build the products and/or services in close contact with potential end-customers and cement into a fully fledged offer. Investment and growth models are finalized and confirmed with the right governance structure and operational infrastructure. Experienced and committed founding members and employees are confirmed.


Key objectives are around the launch, fast execution and scaling of business operations, with the continuous refinement of the venture’s products and services. With regular validation and adaptation of assumptions against customer and market inputs to shape, pivot where required, and scale sustainable and mature disruptive players.

Disrupting alongside your core operations

Since 2006 we’ve helped build and scale more than 800 technology companies.

Our multidisciplinary team consist of some of Europe’s most experienced venture builders, engineers, designers, data scientists and market validation and growth experts. We respect the depth of expertise held by our corporate partners. Our goal is to work directly with your business units and leadership teams to deliver new brands, launch market-ready growth ventures, without disrupting existing revenue streams.

An entrepreneurial mindset first

Our work goes beyond providing consulting, design thinking, and technology advisory services. Unlike others we act as your venture partner and co-invest in the outcomes together with you. You won't pay unnecessary consultancy fees. Instead we share the risk and reward.

Focus on core and adjacent industries

To disrupt the insurance sector, you need to understand what is going on within the sphere of adjacent industries, whether that being FinTech, mobility, energy, maritime, logistics, digital health or smart cities.  Our delivery of some of the most successful accelerators around the globe enhances our ability to identify and utilize unique market patterns.

Digital customer experiences from A to Z

Designing frictionless customer engagements that users respond to is more than digitizing insurance processes, it is about reinventing insurance from the ground-up and eliminating preconceived ideas of what is likely to become relevant in the future.

“If we try and innovate ourselves, the risk of doing more of the same is too big. That’s why we have partnered with Rainmaking, as they specialise in crafting digital customer experiences - something that is digital from A to Z.”
Lars Bonde Group COO, Tryg

Delivering inspiring customer engagements now and in the future.


Work with us to identify new unique sources of economic value creation.

Enabled by expert venture builders

Reinventing insurance from the ground up for Tryg

Millennials and digital natives remind us that they will become one of the most dominant customer segments by 2025. Yet, more than one third of the segment do not want to waste money on insurance, which they perceive low value and complicated. Within 12 months, we designed an on-demand insurance service for the digital native now growing at 30%+ per month.

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