Corporate Innovation:
Identifying new business models and directions of growth

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to solve challenges across the ever-changing landscape of Insurance.  Helping them use innovation for growth.

Do you want to be the disruptor or be disrupted?

It seems that established companies often get trapped by their previous success in a manner that limits their capacity to use innovation for growth. We are living in an era where innovation is imperative and traditional businesses are being disrupted by people from outside the industry. It is undeniable that the world around us is changing. Technology is transforming business and will continue to do so in more dramatic ways.

Adjacent industries whether they are the car manufacturers, the home security systems providers, the utilities or the telecom companies are increasing looking at how they can utilize their substantial assets and relationships with their clients to deliver more relevant and compelling insurance related propositions that will change the face of the insurance industry.

We help you solve problems.

No, not another hackathon please

You’ve implemented your cool innovation lab, promoted someone internally to head up your innovation team, you’ve partnered with the local university and run some hackathons and Dragon’s Den’s events – but you are not seeing any substantial value being generated.

It's time to use innovation for growth successfully. We partner with some of the worlds biggest organizations to deliver strategic, enterprise wide innovation programs that add value to their business. Organizations like IKEA, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Shell, Facebook and over 40 insurance companies!

Building competitive advantage

Large corporates often lack the sense of hunger and urgency to come up with new propositions or to challenge their existing processes due to their current success, focus and pressures on executives to meet short-term market expectations for returns.

Contact us to find out how we can utilise our experience of working with 800+ startups, 27 Accelerator programs and 10+ new corporate ventures to prepare your business for the future. 

20/20 Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme

A super-charged Entrepreneurship Programme, designed for corporate teams, comprises the best of our tried and tested approach for early-stage innovation, distilled into 20 weeks. Get your teams discovering solutions fast.

Focused on results

This isn't just talking about being innovative or flashing you a fancy statistic from a consultancy deck; it's about being who we are, true entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of the insurance industry and want to do something that has real impact and measurable outcomes. We love to build things and if it isn't going to change your business, create a solution or even just make the world a better place, we aren't interested.  If you want to solve difficult problems, build equity, increase your competitor advantage by being one step ahead of your challengers, including the ones you don't even know about yet, then you need to talk to us.

Faster to market

Let us help you unlock your potential. We can help you move at the speed of a startup. We can identify and create innovative solutions to your biggest challenges to maximize value – all at startup speed.

Maximise the value from your innovation budget

Generate and rapidly evolve the most relevant and compelling ideas into investible projects that start to add value to your core business and help you develop next generation propositions.

No PowerPoint

We understand innovation – having created dozens of new ventures and startups between us. Let us utilise our practical experiences help you deliver your next project.  We don't just deliver you a PowerPoint, instead, we are action-driven and focused on real value.

We will deliver results.

Stay relevant. Stay vibrant.

Don't fall behind in the innovation arms race

Powered by corporate innovation

Building a startup program with IKEA

Together with IKEA we created IKEA Bootcamp: a three-month bespoke startup program with a dual focus on accelerating the startups and exploring formal collaboration with IKEA. Ten teams were selected out of 1300 applications from 86 countries.


Building an internal accelerator with Ramboll

Together with Ramboll, we designed an internal accelerator with a dual focus on developing internal capabilities and accelerating expert ideas into internal startups. Using innovation for growth.


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Please, no more hackathons that don't deliver

Discover why Manjit believes that there is so much more in the innovation tool kit to deliver real value.




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