Communication Policy

Rainmaking and affiliates may send me electronic communication including but not limited to; E-mails, SMS, MMS, push notifications, widgets and ordinary mail, and is also allowed to contact me via telephone or other telecommunication, regarding products, campaigns, competitions, and general marketing, this can be done via apps, social media, internet or other digital means of communication. 

Rainmaking and affiliates may collect and use information, including but not limited to personal information about me and my activities and incorporate this into other information, which Rainmaking and affiliates receive from other sources, this also includes cookies gathered from other websites. Rainmaking and affiliates may use this information to create a profile of me, that may be used to target specific marketing to me. 

Rainmaking and affiliates may share information, including but not limited to personal information about me and my activities internally at Rainmaking and affiliates and also share this with subcontractors and business partners of Rainmaking and/or affiliates. 

All information regarding me will at all times be safely stored at Rainmaking and affiliates or their storages provider. I am always entitled to contactRainmaking and affiliates if I have questions regarding my information and activities. 

I am always able to recall this consent from Rainmaking and affiliates. 

Rainmaking and affiliates are entitled to process my information including but not limited to personal information. Rainmaking and affiliates are entitled to transfer my information including personal information to other countries also outside of the EU, any transfer outside of EU that is not considered safe countries, shall only be transferred on basis of the allowed permissions included in the General Data Protection regulation, such as but not limited to Standard Contractual Clauses, Privacy Shield, Binding Corporate Rules, or ad hoc contracts. 




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