Ideas to effective commercial action in 120 days

Utilising an expert industry lens and innovation frameworks to accelerate problem-solution fit from corporate-startup engagements


Your next source of competitive advantage

In a world where speed and time to market are critical to continued growth, being able to identify those capabilities that will enable your business to differentiate from competitive threats is imperative to support future commercial efforts. Accelerate corporate-startup engagement.

Leveraging the power of innovation, CoLab’s structured problem definition and facilitated engagement allows you to streamline your access to the right expertise, foster highly effective partnerships and deliver sought outcomes.

Get faster results, practically.

"What would have taken us months to achieve alone, got done in a matter of weeks."

Our Clients Succeed

"It was indeed an enriching experience working with the InsurTech Team and our colleagues across the Group.  I liked the overall program structure. I am looking forward to engaging further."

Ashish Sharma - Senior Vice President Innovation and Business Process Te-Engineering at HDFC ERGO

Drive your "Startup PoVs"

In up-to 20 weeks, corporate 'Startup PoV' programs like Rainmaking CoLab, where problem definition is a key component supported by the identification of a small number of highly aligned startups brought in for evaluation, can see organizations significantly shifting their procurement programs into overdrive.

In other words, you reap the traditional benefits of outsourcing but with the unique added benefit that comes from identifying clear evaluation criteria that are refined through repetitive collaborations with young ventures.

Download our CoLab: Speed and the "Startup PoV" here

Sync with strategic directions

Prioritising challenges

Solving problems that matter

Themed Based

CoLab is a business-driven innovation initiative for corporates within mature markets that seeks to solve business challenges through the use of emerging technologies.

Accessing scaleups that deliver impact


CoLab enables group of experts to come together to achieve in a short period of time defined commercial outcomes. Working with best of breed ventures aligned to your individual issues.

Driving the right level of cultural change


Each CoLab utilises a series of co-creation principles to ensure fast and effective progression to commercial engagement.

Our ask.

20 days of your time across 15 weeks combining online interactions and onsite innovation sprints to accelerate the delivery of positive commercial pilot outcomes

Driving Results

InsurTech CoLab has been specifically developed for leading insurers who want to engage in deeper collaborative interactions with core business functions to innovate to drive unfair advantages. Stay one step ahead by engaging with young growth ventures that are already effecting the rules of the game within the heart of the industry.

With our industry expertise and connections into the startup community, we can help you speed up your digitisation efforts while enhancing core skills and business differentiators. We accelerate corporate-startup engagement to drive better business outcomes.

More than just a matchmaking service, we focus on delivering strategic impact and tangible results. We address your business priorities and scope clear market opportunities by quickly identifying and effectively fostering commercial agreements that deliver value for all collaborating parties.

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Discover how the leaders of ENGIE’s multiple operating companies across APAC, developed with us a data-backed innovation strategy that underpins innovation efforts in the region, then executed a portfolio of venture builds and commercial pilots with startups.

Interested in getting involved?

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React Fast

Build innovation and entrepreneurialism into your culture to ensure long-term survival

Speed to innovation

Insurers participate in three highly relevant problem-led four month-cycles per year.

We scan the world of mature ventures to identify best problem-solution fit.

Mature ventures show interest in the problem at hand and engage in discussions to assess the relevance of the opportunity.

Biggest challenges are defined and solved fast

The focus is then on refining the use cases to ensure that identified ventures are the most relevant project-ready options to solve the key problems.

Maximise your RoI

Receive the knowledge, tools and techniques to enhance your innovation frameworks and create agile project environments to build long-term and successful win/win partnerships.




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