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Through our work as Startupbootcamp across the globe and across industry the Rainmaking team have helped hundreds of startups evolve and thousands of founders reach their goals. You can discover a few of them here. What we’ve also done is learned how to effectively manage the relationship between corporations and startups – driving successful startup engagement.

Traditional build in-house strategies becomes redundant when you can address immediate challenges and leapfrog the costs, pain and development time by bringing new innovative technologies within the walls of your organization. Many organizations are already attempting to work with the startup community to do this. 

The challenge arises when efforts to engage effectively and efficiently those young players fall short. Many incumbents find themselves in the unfortunate position of cumulate engagements with startups but the achievement of very little tangible outcomes. There is an underlying conflict between corporations and startups that immediately puts the relationship at risk. 

Frankly, corporates are slow moving, and often painfully set in their ways. Startups, on the other hand, depending on their level of maturity are often either overstating their abilities to work at the enterprise level, misunderstanding the complexity of the needs they ought to address, or moving at such a fast pace that corporate teams, unprepared by the engagement requirements, feel, little like continuously drinking from a highly prolific firehose : the result, lots of talk and no action.

Successful corporate startup engagement requires a structured approach explicitly designed to help knock down the wall between corporates and startups and create the basis for healthy engagement. 

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