Innovation: Your insurance against irrelevance.

We bridge the transition to the future of Insurance.

Driving value by solving your most urgent problems to unlock growth for commercial impact through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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    Increased rate of change

    As the average corporate lifespan reduces from 60 to 15 years, insurance providers, as many other businesses, must reframe the way they deliver consistent growth. They must learn new ways to interpret innovation trends, partner with new market entrants and build the products, services and business models that will meet the evolving needs of the customers of the future.
    The pressure is on. 

    To stay relevant, innovation is your only option.

    Today’s challenges and opportunities

    Whether retail consumers or business customers, your insurance buyer is reframing their expectations, mostly through activities continuously interconnected and increasingly frictionless. Challenger brands are setting the tone and teaching us new standards for what customer engagement should be. Disruptive technologies are gradually becoming tomorrow’s innovation norm, making traditional insurance providers’ business models barely recognizable. What are your options to remain relevant? Innovation, insurance against irrelevance.

    The only certainty: insurance will never be the same again.

    SME: Drivers of change in insurance

    Uncovering key shifts in SMEs’ behaviours and aspirations will offer inspirational insight for large companies.

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    5 Key Drivers to Design SME Gig Economy Insurance Solutions

    The gig economy is becoming a significant driver of change. It touches small businesses due to the flexibility it facilitates. It is also significant for big enterprises, providing them with a new and exciting marketplace.

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    The future of travel

    25% of travelers in the UK alone went uninsured

    A growing trend as this is up from 22% the year before. A recent research piece shows that over 40% of 18-24-year olds did not buy travel insurance primarily to avoid “wasting money”. How can insurers make insurance relevant again for those travelers?
    Eldertech and the forever young

    The number of people over 65 will grow by 78%

    At the same time individuals aged 50+ account for nearly 50% of spending across a range of products and services. How can insurers improve lifestyles for the elderly and identify the right care provisions while reducing dependencies on younger generations?

    Eldertech and the forever young

    Will Industry 4.0 impact human safety?

    In the UK, cost estimates from work injuries and ill health amount to £15 billion. In the US, 5,147 workers were killed ‘on the job’ in 2017.  Industry 4.0 has the potential to increased transparency, disclosure and visibility while maintaining privacy, therefore reducing the risk on people safety.
    AI - Are You Ready

    Are you ready for the AI revolution?

    AI is more than robots automating factories to optimise efficiency. AI is about the gradual and systemic replacement of tasks to design truly predictive business models transforming businesses within the next three years. How are you embedding AI within your core business?

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    A tool for commercial impact

    Illuminating probabilities and creating opportunities through commercial impact, Rainmaking InsurTech solves big real-world problems with tangible solutions. Focused on delivering results, our team uniquely combines the agility and inventiveness of start-ups with the structure and resources of the multi-nationals to create differentiation and competitive advantage. 

    How we work with you

    Startupbootcamp InsurTech

    Founded in 2010 by Rainmaking, Startupbootcamp supports early-stage tech founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry. In 2015, we launched a leading InsurTech accelerator with the support of 16 partners. Today, we have invested and accelerated 30 start-ups and exited two in London.

    Hartford InsurTech Hub

    Based in Hartford, one of the world’s leading insurance centers, Startupbootcamp is powering the first InsurTech accelerator in Connecticut and attracting entrepreneurs to relocate to this unique location. Our goal is to enrich the InsurTech ecosystem by helping ambitious founders build their business in collaboration with the local insurance players.


    Solving the most pressing real business problems is at the core of this collaborative initiative. CoLab drives effective commercial action in 120 days, by effectively utilizing co-creation and innovation techniques. Our depth of insurance knowledge helps us unearth pertinent mature ventures and connected them with the right corporate stakeholders to discover unique sources of differentiation.

    Corporate Innovation

    In today's highly competitive world it is mission critical for organisations to ensure that they have the right internal skills, mindset and culture to shape the flexible and agile businesses that will drive tomorrow’s growth. Whether you are looking to refine your innovation strategy, KPI framework or super-charge your organisation with entrepreneurial skills, we can help you design and implement programs that focus on innovation levers that trigger profitable growth.

    Venture Development

    Our venture team uses rigorous design thinking techniques to build new digital businesses with corporate partners. Our model allows us to combine the scalability, strength and deep domain knowledge of corporates with the entrepreneurial execution and mindset of young startups. By fusing the two worlds, we are able to rapidly move from idea to product to real business venture.


    "CoLab has helped us solve our stated business problem, resolving immediate and crucial business challenges"


    Limited understanding of the quality of leads generated online resulted in high online acquisition costs for this insurer. In addition, approaches used to engage and prioritize top customer profiles remained outdated and somewhat manual.


    Participation in Rainmaking InsurTech's Co-creation Lab [CoLab] to identify best fit lead qualification scale-ups to accelerate top line growth in record time.


    Facilitated the simplified end-to-end evaluation and identification of best-fit ventures. 

    75% of candidates moved to commercial partnership within two months of selection.

    £1.5m of new revenue identified in a 20 week-engagement


    Client identified that their current business model was under threat from new entrants. Needed to build propositions that unlocked new growth opportunities and revenue streams to deliver additional value to current clientele while reducing volume of low impact innovation activities.


    Shaped Internal Innovation Lab which welcomed innovation teams from every part of the business. Applied structured innovation frameworks to bring new ideas to market in a very short time scale.


    Three quality ideas that generated more than £350k in revenue during the initial incubation-to-market-testing phase, alongside early partnerships with the likes of Google. The teams around these three ideas all received follow-on-funding to deliver on their 12-month growth plan with forecasts showing significant revenue generation in 2019. Delivering on the promise of "Innovation insurance against irrelevance."

    UNDO - Digital Insurance
    Reinventing insurance from the ground up


    40% of the millennials in Scandinavia are not insured as available insurance products do not address their needs. Yet, this segment will be the customer group with the highest purchasing power by 2025.


    Within 12 months, launched technology-first and digital native insurer with a series of on-demand services for leading Nordic insurer Tryg in Q1 2018. Now winning over digital native customers who expect an end-to-end digital experience and won’t tolerate the friction currently existing within traditional insurance products, services and processes.


    90% of the customers signing up for the service are between 20 and 35, and 68% per cent have never bought insurance for their homes before. The brand is today growing at a rate of 30% to 40 % per month.


    Don't be out-paced

    Don't be out-paced. Schedule an innovation workshop with us today or join a CoLab.


    2019 Trends Report

    The 2019 Trends Report from Hartford InsurTech Hub is out now. The report shows that the narrative surrounding
    the InsurTech industry has shifted and both parties are now working together to take the insurance industry into the next decade.

    5 Insights from Five unique InsurTech Female Leaders

    Five amazing women active within InsurTech share five inspiring lessons. Each lesson holds a key to helping the insurance sector navigate the explosive change impacting the industry.

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    About Us

    A set of initiatives delivered by Rainmaking, the creator of Startupbootcamp

    Rainmaking is a venture builder and innovation consultancy assisting large corporates in their innovation strategy, startup engagements, venture building and internal innovation efforts.  Startupbootcamp, one of Rainmaking's ventures, supports early-stage tech founders rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners and investors in their industry.

    We Are

    Insurance and emerging business model experts with deep sector knowledge

    Together our team has more than 90 years of expertise working or advising within the insurance sector. Through our Startupbootcamp work and delivering innovation programs, we identify those emerging business models that will impact the insurance value chain. We have accelerated 60 startups and coached 100s of young ventures on ways to collaborate and partner with incumbent insurance players.

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